Keith M Thomson

Scottish born, and for a long time now London based, singer/songwriter Keith M Thomson’s fine blend of darkly humorous lyrics and infectious, cross-cultural melodies have enticed and entertained broad, international audiences across the UK and Europe, both with his own engaging, often intense, solo shows and as frontman of his band, The Penny Black Remedy.

Keith released his debut solo album, “It’s Not A Matter Of Space”, on Friday 9th December 2016. Released by mono del mundo and distributed globally by Cadiz Music, the album is available to buy now on CD from and as a digital download from Amazon and iTunes. Select songs from the album are accompanied by a video which are available to watch now on Keith’s Youtube channel. The album was written, performed, recorded and mixed by Keith and features additional vocals by long-time musical collaborator and co-singer of TPBR, Marijana Hajdarhodzic. The album can be also streamed in full on Spotify and Soundcloud and will be made fully streamable (on both Soundcloud and Spotify) on and from the release date.

On the writing, recording and release of his debut solo album, and on why he is presenting new material as a solo artist, Keith had this to say;

“Over the last two years or so, I’ve written a lot of new songs, many of which I felt didn’t quite fit within the ‘musical and lyrically stylistic remit’ (which granted, is fairly broad) of The Penny Black Remedy. But I really liked a lot of the songs and felt it would be a shame for them to kind of metaphorically sit idly and gather dust exclusively in my own (non-metaphorical) head. So basically, I just decided to perform, record and release the material myself, on a new label, and under my own name. I think the solo material differs (in my mind, fairly radically) in a few different ways to TPBR; The songs themselves are structurally quite different (being less cross-genre and ostensibly less ‘upbeat’, tempo-wise) and I guess thematically, the overall mood is a shade ‘darker’. This in turn has made this album sound quite spacious and has conceivably given it a more ‘cinematic/soundtrack’ feel; Lyrically, the songs are less obviously, (and perhaps less flippantly), autobiographical and are a lot more narrative based. A friend who had an early listen to the album said he thought it sounded like the “musical equivalent of a movie jointly directed by John Waters, John Ford and David Lynch”. I liked that. It kind of summed the whole thing up. For me, anyway.”

Keith plans to perform material from his debut album live at choice events (with some very special guests) throughout the course of 2017, and will be releasing a follow up solo album in early Spring 2018.


The Penny Black Remedy

Since the band was founded by Keith in London in 2004, The Penny Black Remedy have thrilled crowds with their high octane live sets and unique musical fusion of Americana, Punk, Folk and Ska. They released their debut album, “No One’s Fault But Your Own in May 2009. The album was released on their own label, Soundinistas, and is distributed globally by Cadiz Music. TPBR released their much anticipated second album, “Inhale… Exhale… OK, Now You Can Panic! in July 2013 to rave reviews from major music press including Q, Uncut, Rock’n’Reel Magazine, The Daily Mirror and Americana UK. The album included the two singles, “Some People Just Don’t Know When To Quit and “Up To My Neck In A Hex.

Uncut said of the album ‘ Festival folkies hit cross cultural sweet spot!’.

R2 magazine said ‘Stand-out track? All of ‘em – turn it up!’.

Americana UK said ‘A boisterous riot of an album… It bursts out of the speakers, dances on the sofa, pogos into the kitchen, drinks all your beer and then boogies round your living room while laughing maniacally!’.

Thomson says: “The fact that most of the songs are about death, lost love, living in a constant state of crippling paranoid fear and coping with the daily grind of everyday life is irrelevant. Encouraging people to sing loudly and out of tune about the absurdity of general existence seems to instill a sense of comfort and emotional unity…I think.”

The Penny Black Remedy continue to keep a busy schedule. They will be releasing their third album in November 2017. The album is produced by Morrissey’s co-songwriter/guitarist/musical director, and Polecats and Adam Ant guitarist, Boz Boorer. The album will be preceded by the single and video, “I’d Murder To Have You Back”. They will then be showcasing the new material on promotional tours of the UK and Europe until the end of the year and beyond.